Is your store front needing a fresh look, or our your office floors needing some refinishing. Foster Coatings have opened numerous store front locations with a fresh new look to their old dingy floors. Allow us to do the same for you. New floors will resist wear and tear, make for easy clean up, and bring your commercial location to era.


For industrial flooring nothing is more durable then epoxy floors. From machine rooms to car dealership garages our range of epoxy products and processes will make parts easier to find and chemical spills easy clean up. I bet you never thought getting new floors would save you money?


Institutional floors incure high amounts of traffic along with continuous wear and tear. With flooring from foster coatings you will see longer lasting, more durable floors in a matter of days. Wheter refinishing cement or laying new epoxy you will now that there your floors will last.

Recent Comments

quality Finished Floors with Long Lasting Results and Durability.

Cedar Bella
Loving the new floors in my home. The trash that I lay down is now easier then ever to pick up.>>

Andrea Smoot
Polished concrete is a durble yet finished looked in a bar setting. By far a finishing touch to any establishment >>

Jimmy Hendrix
If only they had these types of floors in my day >>

Nick Cassell
Owner - Rooted to Nature

High traffic durability coupled with pleasing esthetics. Thank you. >>

Featured Project

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
posted by admin
Mclain Cycle & Fitness – Michigan’s only Specialized Bicycle concept store.
3k square feet of retail space with a split polished concrete and laminate floor show room. This floor was finished in 3 days. Once a split room, Mclain Cycle and Fitness was re-designed to represent Specialized bicycles and their product. We began with grinding down a solid cement floor and patching any and all cracks and deformities. Then over two days, we laid multiple layers of cover product to give the floor a natural yet durable concrete finish. This with a matched laminate flooring which followed a “Specialized” S patern through the show room give the store a uniquely completed durable cement floor finish.

Total time – 2 days ( 14hrs )
Product used – Elite Crete Micro Finish
Coloring – Brass, Copper, Silver and Cayan